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A customer’s journey at Amazon begins right at their comfort. They are well aware of the fact that they are someone’s priority here at this site called

So, what is amazon’s growth strategy and how has Amazon been able to give its customers such a cherished feeling?

Throughout its existence, the customer experience strategy of amazon has been pretty clear. It’s quite obvious too if considered from every business point of view.

What Amazon wants to deliver to its customers apart from their retail goods, is an experience of ease and comfort. And isn’t that something we all would love to have?

Yes, definitely.

The use of tech and human resources for catering to amazon customer service strategy has set benchmarks for both modern and old businesses. The way amazon measures customer experience has played a significant role in their successful path too.

Now, let’s get deep into how Amazon’s customer-centric strategy works, which helped them to build such a comforting relationship with its customers.

Amazon’s Customer-Centric Strategy — An In-depth Analysis

Here’s the secret on how Amazon keeps its customers happy and loyal -

The Comfort of Getting Goods Delivered at Home

Not having a product manufactured by them in the earliest state, amazon needed something that would become their image for the public. That something became their doorstep delivery service.

Having desired goods delivered to one’s doorstep sure seems a far better option than going all the way to a store, finding the product, and then standing in a long cue to check out. Especially, if you can just replace or return the goods if you don’t like it, right from your home!

This is exactly where the great amazon customer journey begins, and we all know how far and beyond it goes. The comfort of home delivery amalgamated with the ease of finding a huge variety of products.

This can be called the basis of the amazon growth strategy which helped them in building a trustable reputation.

Today, the customer experience strategy of amazon has made them step back a bit, with brick and mortar stores, apart from having just an e-commerce website. Physical stores like Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Bookstore, Amazon Restaurants.

Why would Amazon do such a thing after successfully setting up the world’s most used visited and trusted e-commerce platform?

It’s pretty easy to understand though. With this, the amazon customer journey will have a new phase, they want the customers to have an experience of going to the store again.

But they were smart enough to cut out the most irritating factor of standing in long queues. This further helps us have a better understanding of the customer experience strategy of Amazon.

Guiding Product Experience with Searchability and Product Education

The customer experience strategy of amazon understands the customers and the product they are selling.

With time, Amazon has been able to develop a searching ability very close to Google. Sorting products by Brand, Price, Average Customer Review, and availability, as well as by categories specific to the brand.

  • Along with giving near to perfect search results, what else has stepped up the amazon customer journey is the product education.
  • With the help of reviews and ratings, users can find out more about how a product that they want to purchase, performs, compared to the actual description provided by the seller.
  • Also, Amazon provides recommendations to help users understand which products are the best seller and have the highest rating.
  • Based on the terms searched, these recommendations also help the customer to find products that fit their needs or based on products bought together by other users.

Creating a Helping Digital Experience- The Key To Amazon Growth Strategy

A great deal of other effortless ways showcases the amazon customer-centric strategy too, like their mobile application. It has an easy interface with nearly zero complications for any layman.

The amazon growth strategy fits here, they can integrate the offers and discount sections right in the top so that customers know what are the hottest deals to go for.

The AI here is also engineered in a self-learning way, understanding the taste of the customer, providing the right recommendations- specific to brand and variants taking care of the amazon customer journey.

Mapping Down the Road of Consumer Interaction

Consumer buying habits have been examined in detail by the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos, back in the day when Amazon sold books online. Throughout this path, he also mapped down some critical customer touchpoints.

This further helped him in the creation of a breakthrough business model, all the while maintaining an amazon customer-centric strategy.

“We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better”, says Bezos, regarding the amazon customer-centric strategy.

The customer experience strategy of Amazon seems to have gotten fundamentally stronger and better ever-since.

They have tracked all the regular and critical customer touchpoints very religiously, therefore, helping with the amazon growth strategy.

But what does critical customer touchpoints or even touchpoint mean, anyway?

Knowing Touchpoints

A regular or a potential customer who from anywhere has come in contact with your brand before, during, or after a purchase of goods or services from your brand can be called a touchpoint.

Some customer touchpoint examples could be noticing your business on a billboard or the internet or in a TV or Youtube ad, see ratings and reviews on a site, visit your website, shop at your store, or contact you for service.

It sure might seem like a sure list, but these are just a few critical customer touchpoints.

So to identify customer journey touchpoints, you need to know your touchpoints pretty well. And knowing their critical customer touchpoints quite well seems to be the specialty of Amazon.

With the customer experience strategy of amazon, it was ranked number one brand in customer reputation by Harris Poll in 2014.

You can learn more about touchpoints for modern customers here and also know the secret behind the customer experience strategy of Apple.

How does amazon measure customer experience?

Amazon’s customer journey touchpoints are segregated very carefully.

They research the market and the customer choices and then choose touchpoints based on Pre-sale, during sales, and post-sales. All these are carried out keeping customer experience strategy on the top shelf of priority.

  1. Pre-sales: Amazon engages their critical customer touchpoints like social media, TV channels, and newspapers with their latest offering. These can be regarding a big weekend sale or a festival sale or just a regular broadcast to remind customers that amazon exists every day just to cater to its one single motive, serve its customer.
  2. During Sales: The customer experience strategy of amazon is focused to provide customers better every time and therefore even as the customer is amidst a purchase, the Amazon app or website pursues them to look for products that can go with the current product that they are buying.
  3. After-Sales: Even after checking out with the order, amazon customer service strategy tries to engage the customers by asking them to review the product they bought.

It seems that the customer experience strategy of amazon has taught them that the organic and original reviews by other customers make the potential customer have more faith in Amazon.

And this seems to be even more applicable to millennials and the forthcoming generation, according to Mashable.

David Dorf, VP product strategy, in Infor for states, “Amazon does a couple of other noteworthy differentiators. Having lots of reviews is important, so amazon encourages shoppers to review items, create lists, upload photos, etc. All that user-generated content attracts other users.”

Amazon Customer Service Strategy: A Lesson to Learn From

The dedication to providing customer experience to such a great level and maintaining it with exponential growth has made Amazon what it is today, the biggest retailer on this planet. The customer experience strategy of amazon has proved itself to be the best that is out there working with such a large magnitude and that too so consistently.

The research done on the ground, to the top level of its consumer base by amazon has set customer touchpoint examples. Along with how does amazon measures customer experience has set the standard for all the businesses out there to catch up to; to be as credible and cherished in the mind of the customers. Because that’s what sets a brand apart and makes it ready for the long run.



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