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Providing a top-class customer experience to each of its customers is most of the business’s priority days.

And that’s for a very straightforward reason. The hospitality received by the customer from the brand sets the bar of trust that they’ll be getting from the customers.

AI in customer experience helps to set that bar to a new height. Intelligence, as we know, is a feature that is perceived as ‘impressive’.

The use of AI in customer experience has opened new possibilities for businesses as the two forces join to give easy solutions to complex problems. Saving time, saving cost, and also impressing customers along the way, for a better customer experience.

The first step towards an impressive customer experience is to develop an understanding of the customers. Here, artificial intelligence can help accelerate this understanding by using its data learning abilities to drive customer experience.

With the world going online, data is surging. The role of artificial intelligence in business is just gaining momentum. Customers are now open to be read by the businesses to get a better customer experience.

Now there’s an opportunity for businesses to use artificial intelligence to accumulate and arrange data which will improve everyday experiences for customers. And to a very good extent, many businesses are already doing so.

Let’s see how the role of artificial intelligence in customer experience is helping in guiding the new businesses.

Artificial Intelligence Drives Customer Experience — How can AI help you?

You just can’t have an employee work for you 24 hours a day, answering the queries from customers. And hiring three people to carry this out in shifts will also be a big load on your pockets.

But anyway, the customer is right out there hoping that your company will answer their calls — Wherever and whenever they need you to assist them with whatever they are facing.

This can be stated as the most basic need that a customer expects from the brand he did business with.

Filling such holes along with making new innovative ways to solve issues is something that AI in CX is helping companies with, big time.

Here are some ways in which Artificial intelligence drives customer experience in these times and how AI is changing business.

Through Chatbots

Customers are no more in the waiting lines. Every customer is handled upfront, at least for the minor issues. In 2011, it was predicted by Gartner that by 2020, 85 percent of the customer relationship will be managed without human interaction.

In the years, later on, AI in CX has adapted the idea to make the system aware of the small needs that the customers can have. Implementing this, almost all the websites for all businesses now have a “chat now” button.

This is the very basic yet important role of artificial intelligence in business. With the help of this AI in Customer experience feature, businesses now can use their human resources at an integrated level.

Though chatbots are not providing that satisfactory results across many platforms, we can just accept the reality that the tech on AI in CX is just starting up.

Provide Personalised Suggestions

AI in customer experience has also relieved the customer from the hardships of searching and digging for new things that they might need to consume.

Machine learning skills have enabled AI in CX to keep track of the activities of the customers. Their preferences are observed to provide them with meaningful suggestions that would fit their needs, straight away.

How AI is changing business with the help of recommendations can directly be seen from the booming of platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

They have angled their AI in customer experience to comfort customers with adequate taste by being their taste buds.

Along with providing recommendations, artificial intelligence in customer experience has also made open room for companies to make personalized content.

As artificial intelligence drives customer experience, understanding the needs of a common consumer base, is now a priority. With this, companies are now able to research and implement things that can be more relatable to a particular customer.

AI Never Sleeps

Another factor that tells artificial intelligence drives customer experience is availability.

Most customers might not be willing to wait until you open your doors to get their account queries resolved. Artificial intelligence in customer experience makes that possible.

The 24/7 presence of a representative(even a bot), managing the customers’ basic doubts, complaints, etc. gives a warm feeling to them of being heard.

Reduces Operating Cost

Aren’t all businesses in the world here to make a profit? The role of artificial intelligence in business becomes more crucial also because of its cost-effectiveness.

Artificial intelligence drives customer experience and that’s how productivity and efficiency are improved because it streamlines its functions and operations. Providing a higher scope of profit gradually.

The role of artificial intelligence in business is not only restricted to customer experience. Integrating automation for business operations can reduce the possibility of mistakes, which will eventually increase the security of the business.

With all these advantages to improve customer experience with actionable artificial intelligence understanding customer analytics is also a must to nurture your business.

Here are the examples of some top businesses that use AI and how well it had helped in business growth.

AI Customer Experience Examples

Most of the Fortune 500 companies have already adapted to the AI-oriented customer experience system for interaction with their customers. And as more and more companies hop into this, more AI customer experience examples are being established every day.

KFC and Baidu’s — Face Recognition Meal Service

The chicken wing king of the west collaborated with the Google of China, Baidu to develop an AI-controlled face detection system. This system suggests to people what they should eat by looking at their faces.

Other factors such as the time of the day, age of the person, gender, mood, and previous food history also do play a role in the suggestion.

China’s population has always seemed to be at ease with the tech and therefore this initiative was very praised and adopted by the people.

Volvo’s AI Prediction to Detect Damage Beforehand

One of the leading manufacturers of automobiles throughout the world, Volvo motors has been doing some R&D with the help of AI technology.

Analyzing over one million events every week, Volvo’s Early Warning System predicts which car parts will need to be changed or repaired.

The Swedish automobile company is also said to be testing cars with sensors that will report data on the driving condition to the Swedish highway authorities.

These step from Volvo motors of using artificial intelligence and analytical data to increase the safety on road is commendable. This step by the automobile company has been widely praised by all its customers and helped the brands’ image blossom.

Netflix’s Top-notch Recommendation Engine

The 1-Million Dollar Prize winner online streaming platform Netflix uses the AI Recommendation Engine for filtering a catalog to recommend relevant products and items to the users with the help of data and algorithms.

It detects and analyzes the data patterns related to the viewing habits of the user and recommend the right content to the viewers.

The use of Artificial Intelligence by the company to drive viewing insights and recommendations to the viewers results in an optimal viewing experience on Netflix.

These were some of the AI customer experience examples that perfectly demonstrate how AI in customer experience is a fundamental inclusion that can help businesses achieve effective results and better customer CX.

Going further,

One More Question…

How does artificial intelligence change the way businesses and organizations interact with customers?

As discussed before, Data is the key through which AI in customer experience will get more and more helpful for businesses to prosper. At the same time managing the data, its source, and where it will be applied is a task that should be carried out very carefully.

Customer Analytics Artificial Intelligence is the major factor here. It refers to the insightful analytical research powered by AI. Hence, AI in customer experience will have the top-notch output only if the customer analytics is right.

The goal of customer analytics artificial intelligence is to make solutions that resonate through all the levels of a certain business.

Customer analytics is not only about figures, tables, or charts alone. But it’s more about insights, recommendations, Return On Investment (ROI), which AI helps it to find out.

Customer Analytics artificial intelligence is a streamlining process that arranges the data in a comprehensible manner so that the researches turn out to be fruitful for the business.


Well, learning from how AI is changing business and how the application of Artificial Intelligence has made new ways for businesses to improve customer experience with actionable artificial intelligence.

It is inevitable for businesses and organizations to not change the way they interact with customers. They need to focus on customer experience and need to incorporate artificial intelligence along.

The future of both new and old businesses very well belongs in the hands of AI in Customer Experience in the present time.



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