4 — How pre-sales and post-sales can together create a better CX?

A Delightful Customer Experience is the ultimate goal for any brand. After all, it has its manifold benefits too.

In our last encounter, we discussed what post-sales activities include. And how these help in creating better pre-sales moments, hence completing the circle of pre-sales and post-sales.

Now in this final piece of the series, it’s time to understand how we can use the combination of pre-sales and post-sales to generate a remarkable customer experience.

Customer Experience Enhancement using Pre-sales and Post-sales

According to Forbes, about 96% of customers feel that a positive customer experience is an important factor in deciding their loyalty to a brand.

Apart from this, CX can lead to cost reduction, better engagement, positive reviews, and ultimate customer delight.

Let’s understand how pre-sales and post-sales individually impact CX and help in optimizing it.

1.Prospecting and qualifying leads

Identifying the appropriate target audience is necessary to achieve effective results. Sales messages are impactful and helpful to prospects for whom your product provides an optimum solution.

2.Product and customer research

The research will help gather information needed to understand your customers’ needs and reveal ways to align them to your product features. According to Lucidpress statistics, 51% of customers maintain brand loyalty if timely information is offered.

3.Interaction with prospects

Informed sellers can interact with customers addressing what they need. This makes the customer feel that you “get them” and they are likely to engage more.

4.Identifying pain-points in the customer journey

Discovering the pain-points of customers helps to correct the process and resolve their concerns. This quick response strategy adds to the overall CX.

5.Creating personalized sales offer

Knowing the customer better helps to create offers that are a win-win for both parties. Your customers end up with a deal that offers them value equivalent to what they paid for.

1.Product assistance

According to HubSpot, 90% of customers expect an immediate response to a support query. Their lack of understanding of your product may lead to dissatisfaction. Proper product support saves them from being lost and adds to CX.

2.Complaint redressal

Listening to the customer, understanding their issues, and guiding them to the right person also improves their experience. Faster returns and exchanges, paybacks, and refunds build trust.


Customer’s feedback contains the gaps that need to be filled to achieve fuller satisfaction. There may be innovative ideas too. Acknowledging feedback can create long-term relationships.

4.Evaluation and Revision

Post-sales helps to understand the shortcomings of the existing CX strategy and opens avenues for customer journey improvement.

Final Words of the Series

Pre-sales and post-sales together can create moments where the customer feels that they are understood and heard.

And that is the very essence of CX.

This combination of pre-sales and post-sales moments is the ultimate key to an unforgettable CX.

Here’s the end of this series.

We hope you must have enjoyed it as much as we do bringing out new stuff for you :)

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